Pancake Day

Annual Kiwanis Pancake Day 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Pancake day
National Guard Amory
1430 S. Fayetteville St., Asheboro
Cost: $7:00
Breakfast: 6:00 am - 9:00 am
Lunch: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Supper: 3:30pm - 8:00 pm

Drive Thru take outs Lunch & Supper Only
Children 6 & under free

2018 Chairman - Joe Fowler

The Kiwanis Club serves about 5,000 meals on Pancake Day each year and has a reputation for really good pancakes. Their secret is no secret. The pancakes are made from scratch, two cups of batter at a time, said David Smith, past Pancake Day chairman. Before the day is over, they will have cooked 800 pounds of Thomas Brothers sausage and have used 1,200 pounds of flour, 245 pounds of butter and 40 gallons of canola oil. Pet Dairies backs a refrigerated truck up to the kitchen to keep milk, orange juice and soft drinks coming.

Pancake Day: Usually held the third Tuesday in March, this day long event is our major fund- raiser for the year. Every member is expected to give as many hours as possible to this event including everyone for setup and takedown.

We appreciate the help of many others without whom we could not hold such an event. These include Asheboro High School Key Club, Girl Scouts, AVS, National Guard, WKXR, WGHP Fox 8, Courier-Tribune, Randolph Guide, Asheboro Police, wives of Kiwanians, Central Gas, Flav-O-Rich, AHS Career Prep H.S. students, BFI, Maid Aid, Asheboro Printing, BB&T, Humane Society, Health Dept. and many other sponsors and door prize donors.

"The community has been steady and steadfast in its support of Pancake Day and we value and appreciate that support," - Jimmy Hill, Kiwanis 2006 president

Committees and primary responsibilities on pancake day:

Setup - The day before, all members are urged to help with setup. A diagram is followed to place tables and chairs rented from AVS. The gas griddles are unloaded from the storage trailer and placed in position. Central Gas makes the piping and connections. Supplies are brought in and staged in the mixing room.

Line Service - Provide instructions to helpers, and explain duties when they arrive. Butter is served hot in electric skillets and spooned onto pancakes by line server. Located at end of each line and at takeout. Serve butter and sausage. Serve drinks. Keep pancake cooking line supplied with mix. Recycling - Provide boxes for cans and bags. Empty excess liquid from soft drink cans. Prevent other trash from being mixed with cans. Take out trash. Help clean up afterwards.

Take-Out - Take out - start cooking ahead on 4 grills by 4pm, stockpile to get ahead of the 5pm rush. Count number of meals served in each 30 minute time slot. Station helpers outside to take orders from vehicles, take tickets or money, bring in orders and deliver to vehicle.

Pancake - Contact chairs about special groups expected, number and time of arrival. Ie: AHS band, Seniors, Daycare, etc. Assign someone to start griddles prior to meal time. Serve perfectly cooked pancakes hot of the griddle to every guest. Expect elderly groups early.

Sausage - Purchase sausage, 600-700 lbs. Check out equipment in advance to make sure it is working. Supply serving line with sausage. Provide alternate snacks for workers.

Coffee - Responsible for supplying table service with coffee in large thermos reserve tanks at each end of building. Check out equipment and make sure it works ahead of time.

Table Service - Minimum 3 people at breakfast and 3 at lunch. Coordinate with Setup to prepare tables. Prepare tables for use including covering with paper table cloth, providing syrup, sugar, cups, coffee, milk, etc. as needed. All tables should be prepared and ready before each meal and supplies provided throughout each serving. See that there is adequate supply of plates, napkins, spoons and forks on serving line. Provide instructions to girl scouts helpers, and explain duties when they arrive. Scouts should not serve coffee. (8) scouts. Key Club (5) Don't open syrup after 7pm. Pick up empty containers, trash, and clear tables for next person's use. Designate one person each to be responsible for putting out supply items, clearing trash, and replacing table cloths. Make sure tables are adequately spaced. Use heavy duty trash bags to minimize leaks and avoid dangers of slick spots occurring. Attempt to cover individual tables with table cloths so tables can be shut down and prepared as necessary without disturbing too many guest. Keep restrooms supplied and clean.

Mixing - Secret recipe (1/3 cup oil, 1/3 cup egg (2), 2 heaping cups flour, 2 cups milk, special ingredients)

Publicity - Get posters printed with date of pancake day. Distribute to members to post around town and in factories. Get date printed if different from previous year. Need 6 vinyl appliques "18" or "17" or whatever the date is. Put up sign. Sign has been stored at JH Allen. Newspapers - Courier, Randolph Guide, Greensboro N&O, send out news release. Radio - WKXR live remote broadcast, public service announcements recorded by board members to play day before and day of. TV - Fox 8 live remote broadcast early morning. Take down signs and return to JH Allen.


PA - Use PA amp from ball park. Speakers??? (Monroe's or AVS) Setup PA on Monday and check out. Distribute door prizes. Provide entertainment, recorded music, etc. set at a low, pleasant volume. Draw door prize tickets and call out. Announce donors of door prizes several times during each meal. Announce that prizes are drawn from specific 30-40 min. time period to prevent people from staying forever for prizes. Get help from girl scouts and others to deliver prizes.

Parking - Line up help (1) breakfast, (2-3) at lunch, (3-4) for at dinner. Check lights in parking lot. Contact Police Dept. to arrange off duty officers, 2 for breakfast and lunch, 3 for dinner. Signs, cones, handicap spaces, in parking lot. One way - do not enter sign at rear entrance. Take out keep left, thru traffic keep right (need stake to hold sign up). Mark exit from grass lot out front, and to mark handicap spaces Day before. Keep exit at front grass parking clear. Station person in each lot if available to indicate if spaces are available to police officer or central traffic person. Morning parking person needed to prevent abuse of handicap spaces, blocking of exits. Keep end of walkway clear for Ambulance access. Have flashlights and vest for evening.

General - Each committee chair - contact assigned members and make certain of adequate manpower at each serving time. Do not leave this to chance, please discuss this directly with each of your committee members. Stress to members that they need to be at the Armory on time or early so all assignments will be covered. Everyone should make sure guests enjoy their experience. Smile and be friendly. If you sell a group of tickets, find out when the group will arrive and let chairman know. Review responsibilities and duties of your committee with all members so they know what is expected.

Chairperson - Task Check list: Decide on date - historically third Tuesday in March. Review prior year financials and count of numbers served. Review price for increase. Contact National Guard Armory to use facility Monday and Tuesday, with final cleanup Wednesday. we have made a donation to the Armory of approx. $250. Sign up sheet for committees, chairs, time slots. Contact possible committee chairs Contact Girls Scouts. Determine committee members and distribute committee assignments. Verify location of signs. Trailers stored at JH Allen warehouse. Signs inside warehouse. Thank you notes.

Safety - be aware of safety and make sure all necessary precautions are taken to avoid any injuries to members and/or guests. Police are hired. Make sure areas are kept clean and any spills cleaned up immediately. All workers must wash hands with warm water and soap before work and after visiting rest room. Personnel who do not have specific duties cooking or mixing should stay out of the cooking area since space is limited.

Ticket - Order tickets - 8000 with date, place, price and times. Usually the advertiser on back pays for the printing costs which runs about $175. Ticket committee sorts tickets into individual envelopes for distribution to members. 30 Tickets per member to start with. Sell tickets at door. Welcome people. Place stubs in small boxes for drawing for door prizes by PA committee. Mark tickets with colored pen, changed every 30 minutes, for purpose of drawing prizes. Setup table at head of serving lines. Record number of tickets collected in each 30 min. time slot. Collect money and see that it is deposited in bank. Those from another committee may need instruction.

Key Club, Girl Scouts working at Pancake Day eat free.

History - Kiwanians remember going with their fathers to Pancake Day when it was breakfast only at the Teen Center, which is now a day care, on Fayetteville Street. As the event grew, the Kiwanis moved to the Masonic Temple and finally to the National Guard Armory to accommodate the crowds.

Transformation of the Armory on Pancake Day

Miss North Carolina

March 18 · 

Walking into the National Guard Armory, where the air was filled with the sweet aroma of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, made such an early morning trip from Raleigh to Asheboro completely worth it. Seriously, the savory aroma was to die for! And my eyes couldn't believe the amount of griddles, pancakes, syrup, and melted butter that I saw in front of me. Immediately, one thing became clear: my gym time was going to be extended, this evening.

I started this icy morning off at the Kiwanis Club Pancake Fundraiser in Asheboro. This event was also incredibly special to the Miss North Carolina Scholarship Pageant, Inc given that it is this specific Kiwanis Club that will be the official sponsor of the 2014 Miss Randolph County pageant-- a returning preliminary pageant that we couldn't be more excited to welcome back!

From flipping pancakes to delivering door prizes and mingling with the crowd, I had such a pleasant visit time with all those in attendance. Thank you, Kiwanis of Asheboro, for having me. I wish you the absolute best as you continue serving pancakes well into the night!

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